Invitation to discover the Hidden Treasure



Seeking for Treasure

My son…if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasurethen you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.
For the Lord gives wisdomfrom his mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2
The most exhilarating thing for the human soul and spirit [you may say the meaning and sole purpose of life] is the discovering and enjoyment of the *knowledge of the beautiful God; Elohim Chayim – The Living (Tri-union) God, through whom all living things, both in the seen and unseen realms have their existence.

Everything in all of creation is secondary to this and everything exist and finds its purpose for this very discovery. That’s the truth, but it’s a truth that many are ignorant of and many who are aware of it or even agrees/believes it don’t actually walk in it or live it out.

A well-known preacher once said the person talked about the LEAST in the church today is God [i.e. His (They’re) person-hood]. Now there are many reasons why this could be so but I’ll hint just on one here.
God by His nature is a mysterious being, a hidden secret to humanity which came about due to the fall of man.

When i say God, I’m referring to the Judeo-Christian God; the One and Only Tri-union God. And right from the beginning everything He says about Himself and does in this world are ALL meant to reveal Himself to us. Even after the 4000+yrs of His revelation to his beloved creation, He still remained a mystery in most part, even to his own people, whom He’s been speaking through and to, with exception to a very few.

Then God finally came in the flesh as one of us to put an end to His mysterious being and ways (Col 2:2-3, Eph 1:9-10). In fact His coming redefined the word MYSTERY. Mystery is no longer secret things that’s difficult/impossible to understand but rather secret things that were once hidden but now made available to His people (diligent seekers) [Col 1:25-27; Eph 3:4-6, Rom 16:25-26].

Today after almost 2000yrs of Him putting an end to His mysterious being and ways, He’s still a mystery to many of His people, to the sad truth that His person-hood is the least talk about in His own house.

One reason of that lies in the way He’s chosen to reveal Himself. He’s likened Himself to a treasure/a precious stone (Isa 33:6, Col 2:2-3) and treasures are usually hidden deep in the earth and it’s only available to those who seeks it diligently and intentionally. Now you could be very determined and take machineries to the middle of Oxford Street, London to dig deep in the earth for diamonds but I doubt if you’ll find any. For us today gaining the knowledge of God is in two-fold process, WE SEEK (due to His invitation) & THEN GOD REVEALS/IMPARTS (Himself to us). So unless God invites/draws us to seek and then reveals Himself our seeking is truly in vain.

We have the Bible today as an INVITATION into the knowledge of the beautiful God. I first heard my Mike Bickle say “the Bible is like our conversational materials to talk to God”. The Bible on its own does not have all the answers to man’s curious questionings, simply because it wasn’t given for such purpose but it has a clue to any and every troubling question you might have.

Let’s take today’s scripture… Jesus prayed…”And now, Father, GLORIFY me in your presence with the GLORY I HAD WITH YOU BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN…” There it is, right there; YOUR INVITATION, do you see it?

There’s no where in scripture where you’ll get an accurate picture of the GLORY JESUS HAD WITH THE FATHER, before the creation of the world. But Jesus just mentioned it and left it as that as an INVITATION to those who will hunger to know it. Remember Jesus is the end of God’s mysterious being and ways and He Himself said He’s given us the Holy Spirit so that we’ll know all that He is and belongs to Him. John 16:12-15

So if you were to respond to this invitation and prayerfully talk to the Holy Spirit with your Bible and study tools in hand (i.e. seeking and searching), it could be as simply as going….

Wow!! Jesus, that’s amazing, before the world came into existence, you were in complete unity with the Father and had the same glory as that of the Father…Wow, thank you for this revelation. Now, Holy Spirit please show me what this means, what did it look like; the glory Jesus had with the Father, I desire to see this glorious union between the Son and the Father, etc“.


The Holy Spirit may then lead you to Daniel 7, Ezekiel 1 or Revelation 4….or simply a reminder of something you’ve heard a preacher spoke about in the past such as ‘Daniel/Ezekiel saw a man (Jesus) in the presence of God” and therefore it’ll lead you to do a word search in the Bible to find the exact scriptures to read them. As you read those scriptures and meditate on it, the Holy Spirit may give you a picture in your mind’s eye or your physical eyes (i.e. visions) where you’ll be imagining things quiet hard to describe. You begin to see the relationship between the two personalities (The Father and the Son); the delight and the pleasure they have for each other. The honour and respect the Son gives to the Father, and the joy and pleasure the Father takes in the Son, though in their beauty and perfection there’s no distinction. Then as you marvel in what you seeing, you see them looking at you, then suddenly you begin wondering if you’re really imagining this or it’s actually happening. You then see the joy that behold them as they look at you, the acceptance and love you feel as you gaze back at them in your mind’s eye.

As this vision/sanctify imagining infiltrate your thinking throughout your day…you goes to bed at night and in your dream you may vividly see the very things you thought you had imagine but this time you are actually in their midst, you literally feel like you’re coming apart pieces by pieces and yet there’s no where else in the universe you’ll rather be cos your whole being also feel like it’s  coming alive for the very first time. Your senses seemed to come alive. You begin to see familiar things of the earth but yet they looked very different; beauty and glory takes on a new definition. GLORY begins to make sense to you and you just know in truth what Jesus meant when he said “Father, GLORIFY me in your presence with the GLORY I HAD WITH YOU BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN…”

You wake up in shocked and awe of what you’ve just dreamt, and tries to write it down, but you don’t have the vocabulary to write what you’ve just seen. You know it in your spirit but you can’t put it in words nor can you make sense of them in your mind.

You don’t understand how, when in the dream everything made sense but now you finding it hard to explain it even to your self, but when you quiet yourself down, closes your eyes and imagine the scenes, you get a flash back to what you dreamt and then deep inside you it makes perfect sense only that it’s still difficult to put it in words.

That’s when you know you’ve been given a revelation into the knowledge of the beautiful God, a revelation reserved for those who will respond to the invitation to seek Him. That knowledge is far more than a theological knowledge, although it might start that way, it is however an experiential knowledge that will mark you for the rest of your life. This is at the core of your existence, for you were made to be joined to the union of the Godhead.

Jesus would never give an INVITATION without IMPARTING those who RESPOND to that invitation.
Read the SCRIPTURES and take note of the invitations given because God Himself said…“I, the Lord , speak the truth; I declare what is right, I have not said to you, ‘Seek me in vain.’”… “For you’ll find me when you seek me with all your heart”…Isaiah” 45:19, Jeremiah 29:13.

His promises therefore becomes your motivator to seek to know Him. Seeking therefore does not just become a means to an end but rather an end on its own because your faith is on His promises knowing without doubt that, IF YOU SEEK YOU WILL FIND HIM.

You might not find Him in a dramatic way as I’ve described above but rather see Him even more real in your inner man (spirit) where you’ll be adequately able to understand with the natural mind and explain it to others.

And remember….It is the GLORY OF GOD to CONCEAL a matter; to SEARCH out a matter is the GLORY OF KINGS. Proverbs 25:2 NIV

Therefore act in your Kingship, and search Him out for He has deliberately *hidden Himself only to be found by you. THIS IS A KINGDOM PRINCIPAL; the way of His Kingdom.

My goal is that they [you] may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they [you]  may have the FULL RICHES of COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING, in order that they [you] may KNOW the MYSTERY OF GOD, namely, CHRIST, in whom are HIDDEN all the TREASURES of WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE. Colossians 2:2‭-‬3 NIV

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