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The first thing Jesus said about His public ministry was ….“Repent, for the kingdom of God, has come near.” Matt 4:17, Mrk 1:15,  Luk 4:43. Which is also what John the Baptist preached; The Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Matt 3:1-3.

So this blog as the title shows is about declaring some of the keys or ways of the good news of the Kingdom of God (Luk 4:43).
John The Baptist, Jesus and the Apostles all preached on the Gospel of the Kingdom, which all revolves around the King and His Kingdom. The King has invited us to be part of His Kingdom and sure that invitation started with our salvation. However, it does not stay or ends with us. Our salvation is unto Him; we live to make His dream come true not the other way round.

But the irony is; we are His dream. His dream is for us to grow up to become like Him so that we could rule and reign with Him. So unless we get out of this personal gospel we live and preach we will fall short of the true gospel of the Kingdom He came to established.

May His Kingdom come fully on earth as it is in heaven.

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