Love Devotional: Monday – Week 2

Week 2, Day 1 – Humanity Created Purpose.

Love is the greatest and most excellent thing we are masters of; it is indeed the only thing we can call our own… If anything else be counted ours by giving our love, we give all….Henry Scougal.

Ask any seasoned Christian what Christianity is all about, and you’re more likely hear something like “IT’S ABOUT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. It’s NOT a religion”

This is true but do we truly believe that to pursue it and live it out? How many times do we even make or turn church activities and ministries as our relationship with God. Like someone said, “The person least talk about in the church is God (Father, Son Holy Spirit).”

If we truly take the time to think about this phrase “CHRISTIANITY IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD “we will see that it’s not simply a Christian core believe but in fact humanity created purpose.
If we (as humans) truly are the one creature made by God in His likeness to join the union of His being then we are also the one creature purposely made to be fascinated and captivated by the fullness of the beauty of God; the one creature made for intimacy with God.

Like Allen Hood puts it “As image bearers of God we have a unique design and capacity for communion with God. The glory of God is not to simply rest upon us like the angels; it is to take residence in us”. How glorious is that? Our frames were purposely created to house the very presence of the living God and reflect His glory at the deepest levels known to any created beings.”

Today think about your relationship with God. How are you growing into knowing God? What does intimacy with God look like to you? Can our created purpose really be intimacy with God; knowing the fullness of God? Is that even practically possible or achievable?

This week we’ll try to take a look at God’s eternal master plan as He masterminded before He even created the world. I say try cos it is futile to know in detail His plans not because we can’t know them but simply cos we can’t grasp all of them yet. However as the end of this age draws nearer and things begin to unfold so do our understanding into His grand plan and purposes. Like Daniel puts it concerning God’s end time plan “none of the wicked will understand but, those who are wise will understand and instruct many“. So this will be more like the blueprint of God’ eternal purposes.

Ephesians 3:9-12

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